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Our goal at The Truth About is to provide consumers with an objective look at FinallyFast and Ascentive products and to provide consumers with the information they need to make an informed purchase decision.

Getting To The Truth
Searching online for information about FinallyFast and Ascentive you will find a lot of different information available. Some reviews are positive and others are negative. A small percentage of users have called Ascentive products malware or stated the software contains viruses. This is not true.

Ascentive provides a reputable and reliable line of PC optimization software ranging from registry tools to anti-virus software. In Fact, Ascentive's line of software includes an antivirus application that uses an award-winning scan engine as well as a patented monitoring application lauded in the likes of Forbes Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. That's right! Ascentive's Spyware Striker Pro includes both the award-winning CounterSpy scan engine as showcased on and the Vipre anti-virus engine, the third best performing engine in the Malware Research Groups Flash Test Project for 2011, besting both Norton and McAfee's anti-virus offerings. You can also find positve reviews of Ascentive's BeAware monitoring application in Forbes Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.

Three of the biggest names in antivirus software and internet security have “whitelisted” all Ascentive software applications and declared them free of any viruses.We encourage you to see the facts for yourself, the following images are recent screenshots from McAfee Site Advisor, Google's Safe Browsing Diagnostic Site, and Norton's Safe Web.

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